Preserving Regional News: Creating access to the KUHT Collection



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The University of Houston Libraries is home to the archives of KUHT-TV, Houston’s public television station established in 1953. In 2016, UHL was awarded a grant to digitize and make available two news magazine series produced in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These series, “Almanac” and “The Capitol Report,” detail major local and state-wide events, and feature interviews with prominent politicians from across Texas. Over 300 episodes have been digitized and cataloged, and will soon be made available online, including in an Omeka exhibit site. This presentation will explore the project, and efforts to improve online access to time-based media at UHL.


Presentation at the Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium in Bucksport, Maine on July 22, 2017.


audio-visual archives, KUHT-TV (Television station : Houston, Tex.), Public television, Audio-visual archives, KUHT-TV (Television station : Houston, Tex.), Public television