The response of plant tissue to high voltage electric fields



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Plant material, including seeds of Phaseolus vulgaris, callus tissue of Glysine soja, Nicotiana tobaccum, Pinus elliottii, Pisum sativum, Vicia faba, and Daucus carota, discs of tuber tissue of Solanum tuberosum L, variety Russet, intact roots of Vicia faba, root explants of Pisum sativum, and excised roots of Allium cepa, were placed in an alternating high voltage electric field for designated periods of time, removed from the field, and examined by several methods to ascertain the effect of the electric field on the plant material. The size of mature plants grown from treated seeds were significantly different from the nontreated seeds. The rate of germination, rate of respiration, ethylene production, also appeared to be effected by exposure to the electric field. The chlorophyll content in the leaves of Phaseolus vulgaris was somewhat higher in those plants grown from seeds treated in the electric field. Growth rates of callus tissue demonstrated a response to the electric field with each species exhibiting its own optimum period of exposure to produce the greatest stimulation and depression of growth. [...]