This collection contains video recordings of open forums describing library services that are geared toward graduate students. Librarians explain how these services relate to graduate study, research, and teaching, and how librarians work with graduate students. The open forums took place July 13-17, 2020.

Recent Submissions

  • What the Libraries do for your data needs: A conversation with UH Libraries research services 

    Gao, Wenli; Malone, Andrea (2020-07-17)
    The University of Houston (UH) Libraries is building programs and data-related services to support research that creates and utilizes large amounts of data. In this session, we will discuss the resources and services we ...
  • Learning about Digital Research at UH 

    Davis-Van Atta, Taylor; Thompson, Santi; Willan, Claude (2020-07-16)
    In this session, the Digital Research Services team will give an overview of the services we offer around digital humanities, publishing, theses and dissertations, and data archiving and sharing. We will introduce the ...
  • Teaching Support for Graduate Student Instructors & TAs 

    Douglas, Veronica Arellano (2020-07-15)
    In this session, the UH Libraries Instruction Team will share instructional resources and services available to graduate student instructors & TAs interested in teaching research skills, critical thinking, and information ...
  • How A Subject Librarian Can Help You: Research and More 

    Martin, Lisa (2020-07-14)
    Did you know that there’s an expert in the library who can provide support for you in your research, teaching, and more? Subject librarians offer research consultations when you need help finding data or resources, provide ...
  • Accessing Library Materials and Services 

    Hilyer, Lee (2020-07-13)
    The UH Libraries has over 2 million items in its physical collections, and millions more available electronically. In addition, the Libraries offers access to services to help you with your courses, your research projects, ...