Acoustic Detection of Coronary Artery Occlusions Before and After Stent Placement Using an Electronic Stethoscope



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More than 380,000 Americans die every year from coronary artery disease (CAD). Early detection and treatment are crucial to reducing this number. Current diagnostic methods are invasive, costly, and time-consuming. Using an electronic stethoscope and spectral analysis of the recorded heart sound, we investigated the acoustic signature of CAD in subjects with only a single coronary occlusion before and after stent placement as well as subjects with clinically normal coronary arteries. The power ratio of the total power above 150Hz over the total power below 150Hz of the FFT of the acoustic signal was used to evaluate the effectiveness of stent placement. The groups were identified with this method with an 82% sensitivity and specificity. Power ratios after stent placement are not statistically different than those estimated from subjects with no coronary occlusions. Our approach demonstrates that the effectiveness of stent placement can be monitored using an electronic stethoscope.



Acoustic signature, Coronary artery disease, Electronic stethoscope, Fast Fourier transform