New Bidentate Adsorbates Containing Amine and Thiol Ligands for Generating Self-Assembled Monolayers



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The study of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) has been attractive to scientists by the high potential for commercial applications. Specifically, SAMs have been applied to a variety of scientific fields such as electrochemistry, biosensors, and antifouling coatings. Among many reported SAM systems, SAMs of alkanethiols on gold are the most studied and well-known systems. In Chapter 1 of this thesis, the stability of SAMs on gold flat surfaces is discussed based on the key determining factors. Strategies for improving the stability of SAMs are also discussed. In Chapter 2, a new bidentate adsorbate, di-C18NH2SH, which contains amine and thiol ligands, was designed and synthesized for the preparation of SAMs on flat gold surfaces. The characteristics of the corresponding SAMs were examined and compared with SAMs derived from ODT, di-C18(SH)2, di-C18CNSH.



Self-assembled monolayers