Three-Dimensional Accuracy Analysis of a Mapping-Grade Mobile Laser Scanning System



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This thesis investigates the accuracy of a low-cost, mapping-grade mobile laser scanning system. The instruments, development, and inherent and expected errors of the system are discussed, along with the data collection techniques. The processing procedures are detailed, including the reported reliability of the post-processed results estimated by the processing algorithms.

The resulting geo-referenced pointclouds, collected in backpack mode, are compared to high-accuracy terrestrial laser scanning data. Several analysis methods are used, including planar investigations and feature extraction approaches. These techniques provide multiple perspectives on the potential accuracy of the mapping-grade system. Additionally, a high-end, survey-grade mobile laser scanning system is also utilized as a comparison standard. The final analysis showed a 6-8 cm horizontal accuracy and 4-6 cm vertical accuracy at 1σ for the mapping-grade system. It can be confidently stated that the system is able to reliably collect pointcloud data with a three-dimensional accuracy of better than ± 10 cm.



Mobile laser scanning, Accuracy analysis, LiDAR, Terrestrial laser scanning, GNSS/INS