Utilizing SAFE (Sustainable Approach For Energy) Analysis: Informing Alternative Energy Solutions at a Campus Scale



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In this paper, we present our project on integrating the most advanced energy resource allocation model (DER-CAM) and the popular Campus Carbon Calculator by Clean Air-Cool Planet for urban design to build a simulator so that city policy makers can simulate the impact of different sets of technologies based on their environmental configurations and preference and identify their individualized action plan for sustainable growth. An illustrative example is presented based on simulating a school district in San Francisco School. Under idealized circumstances, using Noinvestment case and Investment case where we have (the combined heat and power (CHP) system, electric chiller, renewable power generation such as PV, and a set of battery). The model based simulation provided an estimated 83% cost reduction and 38% carbon emission reductions with 12 years payback period on investments. The simulator can be applied to bigger scenario, such as metropolitan area, or just a college campus, based on the historical data available. When more data are collected in the future, the simulator will provide action plan with better granularity and higher probably of confidence. We are developing interface so that new technologies can be integrated in the simulator.



Sustainability, DER-CAM, DER, Microgrid, CHP, TOU, OPENSTACK, Utility