Fabrication and Properties of III-Nitride Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors



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In this thesis, we utilize gallium nitride (GaN) and aluminum nitride (AlN) as the sensing element of piezoelectric pressure sensor because its stable piezoelectric coefficient d_33, high rigidity and high serving temperature. We built up a customization design of pressure sensor by low-cost materials. We successfully measured the electrical signal by introducing different pressure for AlN and GaN pressure sensor at room temperature. Furthermore, the electrical signal collected by operating GaN piezoelectric pressure sensor from room temperature to 300 °C environment was accomplished. The influence of increasing charge carriers for piezoelectric material were discussed. Thermal and stress simulation for AlN and GaN piezoelectric pressure sensor were presented in thesis to analyze piezoelectric pressure sensor specifically. For the long - term goal, AlN and GaN piezoelectric pressure sensor should be produced with more professional design and be operated in higher temperature environment.



Piezoelectric, Pressure sensor, Gallium nitride, ALUMINUM NITRIDE