Vibration Control of a Pipe Submerged in Water



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This thesis, for the first time, studies experimental vibration control of pipe like structures submerged in water by using a Pounding Tuned Mass Damper (PTMD). The PTMD is a novel damper that was recently invented in the Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory at the University of Houston. This new damper innovatively uses collision/impact with viscoelastic materials to dissipate vibration energy. To facilitate the experimental study, a particular submerged vibrating system consisting of four springs and a short-pipe to mimic a jumper was designed. A method to estimate the natural frequencies of a submerged structure was proposed and experimentally verified. Therefore, a PTMD was designed and fabricated to control the vibration of the submerged system. Extensive experimental results clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the PTMD in vibration mitigation of a submerged structure. Moreover, the submerged PTMD is robust with respect to the natural frequency variation of the structure to be controlled.



Offshore Jumpers, Vibration control, Pounding tuned mass damper (PTMD), Vortex Induced Vibration