BIOSS: Regenerative Eclss System Based on Accelerated Plant Growth and Processing of Organic Waste



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CLOSED-LOOP RECLSS SYSTEM FOR LONG DURATION MISSIONS: It will be necessary to include all output elements back into the system for long-duration missions outside of our planet. The goal of having a greenhouse module attached to every kind of mission is to permit long duration missions without the need for cargo resupply.

ACCELERATED PLANT GROWTH: The uniform repartition of auxins inside the plant body is realized by rotating the plants around a central axis, this will increase their growth rate. Installing those drums in a yet bigger centrifuge, in micro-gravity allows the plants to detect gravity and therefore increase their auxin repartition.

WORM COMPOSTING OF ORGANIC WASTE: Human waste and non-edible parts of plants will be used as compost for the plants, closing the loop on the system. After processing by the worms, the material will go through UV irradiation to become a growing medium for the plants.



Aerospace, Greenhouses, Gravitropism, Long duration mission, NASA, Esa, Melissa