Hive Aerospace Phasing in the Martians



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This Thesis has focused on implementing ISS heritage engineering coupled with state-of-the-art design concepts. Building on an engineering background each subassembly of the primary and secondary structure was subject to static pressure loads similar to that which will be experienced on the surface of Mars. The main work was completed on the primary and secondary structure of the Martian node and habitat, a concept that is optimized to fit inside the current generation of rocket fairings. Each Hive module is very similar in design, building towards a modular system. By dimensionally keeping the Hive elements the same, reduction of the tooling and parts required to make a large sustainable colony on Mars. Additionally, a modular design reduces the cost of manufacturing. Other ingenuities resulting from this thesis include a large doorway, a tunnel that conforms to the terrain, and an overall configuration that allows the modules to be interchangeable.



Mar, Space, Space colonization, Structure, Modular