What Factors Predict Graduation in British Basketball Players Who Migrate to Play College Basketball in the United States?


Rumors surfacing throughout the British basketball community indicate that around three-quarters of British basketball players fail to graduate from their first US institution. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to quantify the significance of the British basketball player graduation problem and to identify influencing predictors. Based on previous research on domestic student-athlete graduation, four predictors were identified (Coach Satisfaction, Academic Preparedness, Professional Opportunities and Aspirations, and Athletic Financial Support). A graduation predictor questionnaire was completed by British basketball players that had either graduated or left their initial US institution. A logistical regression design was utilized to determine the influence of the predictors on British basketball player graduation rates. 43.6% of the participants had failed to graduate, and the model proposed failed to predict graduation in British basketball players. Therefore, the predictors formally associated with graduation may fail to have the same effect on international student-athletes.



International students, Athletes, Graduation factors, Retention, Academic Persistence, British Basketball Players, Graduation factors, Coach Satisfaction, Academic Preparedness, Professional Opportunities and Aspirations, Athletic Financial Support