Design and Fabrication of Ultra-Thin Soft Sensors Based on Electrospun Metal Oxide Semiconductors



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The advancement of bioelectronics in the health care field has increased in recent years. To better their use, non-invasive continuous monitoring patch-sensors have been developed by increasing conformal mounting and developing ultralight weight devices. The convoluted surface of these sensors allow for better conformity to the human body due to the micro-ridges on the surface of the patches. The ultra-thin design of the patch reduces the surface adhesion energy for patch to skin conformity, and increases bending insensitivity to mechanical deformations which allows for continuous monitoring. These epidermal sensors can be utilized for better diagnostics in the health care field as well as implemented in future research for artificial skin needs. Using one-dimensional metal-oxide material and an ultra-thin mechanical design, temperature and glucose epidermal patches were fabricated with bending insensitive, environmentally inert, ultra-thin and non-invasive characteristics.



Ultra-thin, Health-patches, Metal-oxides, Electrospinning, Nanofibers, Semiconductors, Glucose sensing, Temperature sensor