Augmenting the Achievement Goal Questionnaire-Revised



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Items drafted to measure mastery-approach, mastery-avoidance, performance-approach, and performance-avoidance goals were administered with Elliot and Murayama’s (2008) AGQ-Revised (AGQ-R) to 300 students to see how responses fit the 2 x 2 factor model of achievement goal theory, and how the reliability as well as the variance of the AGQ-R scores were affected by the drafted items. Three Multiple-Indicator Correlated Trait-Correlated Method models (MI CT-CM) of the 2 x 2 achievement goal theory were examined using scores from the AGQ-R, drafted items, and the AGQ-R plus drafted items. No model reached non-significance, but the disturbed MI CT-CM model with the AGQ-R exhibited the best model fit. This model may not be viable because of Heywood cases. Drafted items were also examined to see how the AGQ-R might be improved. Reliability of the mastery-approach and performance-approach responses significantly increased. Reliability of the performance-avoidance responses significantly decreased. Variance in every subscale, except performance-approach, significantly decreased.



Achievement goals, Motivation