Optimization Model for Optimal Allocation of Mobile Health Clinics



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Mobile health clinics can be used as an effective resource in healthcare delivery system, especially for underprivileged communities. However, mobile health clinics are one of the most underutilized healthcare resources; because the optimal management of resources is a convoluted task in mobile health clinics system. Nevertheless, using data driven research and optimization techniques, efficacy of mobile health clinic programs can be enhanced. This thesis provides an optimization model for optimal allocation of mobile health clinics. Actual mobile health clinic data from the vaccinations program at Texas Children Hospital has been used, and research has been carried to maximize the demand coverage and overall health outcomes. A mathematical model is formulated for this problem and is solved using CPLEX solver via GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System), a high-level modeling system with mathematical programming and optimization. Numerical results have demonstrated the efficacy of optimization models and techniques in enhancing the demand coverage.



Optimization, Mobile Health Clinics, Knapsack Problem