Low Density Epoxy Foams for Wind Energy Application



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The objective of the present work is to develop techniques for making low density (4 lb/ft3) epoxy foams and to investigate different factors on foam properties. Differential Scanning Calorimetric study is first carried out to characterize the curing of the applied epoxy-amine system. The modified Kamal’s model has the best agreement with the experimental data, suggesting that the maximum degree of cure is an important factor affecting curing behavior in the kinetic control region. Epoxy-amine based foams are prepared from chemical processes with polymethylhydrosiloxane as the blowing agent. Low density (4 lb/ft3) is achieved. Foam properties depend on the concentrations of the blowing agent and the curing agent, curing time, and are also affected by the reaction selectivity. Mechanical tests establish the dependences of properties on foam densities with power law expressions. The properties normalized by densities do not vary as much as non-normalized properties, implying the practical values of foam materials.



Epoxy, Foam, Wind, Structure, Property