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It’s Where I’m At is the story of Doozer, a soon-to-be thirty-year-old living in a semi-urban Virginia town caught on a Peninsula reaching into the Chesapeake Bay. Doozer has never quite left his high-school job at Papa John’s, but when his estranged sister comes to town he takes drastic actions to give her the money she needs to get back on the road; actions that cost him his job and land him in a local pizza shop that refuses to share his appreciation of pizza making craft. As Doozer longs for the comfort of his corporate career, and for the company of his next door neighbor – a dancer at a strip club where the girls don’t strip – his sister’s lingering presence forces him to confront the tragic consequences of a past he’s tried to forget and a life-long guilt that won’t ever let him move on.



Fiction, Novel, Pizza delivery, Newport News, 1990s