Can Interview Structure Be Manipulated to Enhance Applicant Reactions?



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Employee selection researchers have predominantly focused on the validity and reliability of selection tools, and applicants’ reactions to these tools (Hausknecht, Day, & Thomas, 2004; Ryan & Ployhart, 2000; Ryan & Ployhart, 2014; Smither et al., 1993). However, few researchers have studied applicant reactions to specific selection tool characteristics, such as facets of the employment interview. Thus, the current research seeks to study the relationship between five facets of structure (i.e., rapport building, transparency, probing, ancillary information, and applicant questions during the interview) and three applicant reactions: procedural justice, anticipated organizational support (AOS), and job pursuit intentions. Using conceptual frameworks from justice and organizational support theory, I hypothesized that less-structured facets would increase job pursuit intentions directly, as well as indirectly, by enhancing perceptions of procedural justice and AOS. I found full support for these hypotheses. These findings improve our understanding of structure and inform employment interview best practices.



Interviews, Applicant Reactions