Application of the Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) Patch Antenna for Near-Field Communication



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The substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) patch antenna is presented as a suitable patch antenna solution for near-field communication in a conducting environment. In this regard, this antenna is studied in HFSS (an electromagnetics solver), and is compared to a conventional rectangular patch antenna. First, newly derived formulas for the SIW patch antenna are verified by comparing their results to results for HFSS. These formulas can predict figures of merit, such as bandwidth, radiation efficiency, and resonant input resistance. In comparing the SIW patch to the rectangular patch, three comparisons are made: bandwidth, radiation efficiency, and immunity to a conducting environment. For each of these comparisons, the effect of substrate loss is also studied. Finally, the patches are simulated in the conducting environment scenario (inside a CubeSat launch tube) which motivated this project, and conclusions are drawn regarding the effectiveness of the SIW patch for near-field communication in a conducting environment.



SIW, Substrate-integrated technology, Antennas, Near field, CubeSat, NASA, Patch, Microstrip, Immunity, Conductivity