A Midcycle Evaluation of an Intervention Program on Middle School Math Scores



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The purpose of this study was to conduct a mid-cycle examination on the effects of a nonprofit organization’s middle school intervention program on sixth grade math TAKS scores at a suburban middle school in Houston, Texas. This study examined the effectiveness of two of the project goals in the first year of a two-year implementation: Increased achievement for targeted cohort students and all students in the sixth grade. The program consists of six components (baseline analysis of student data, targeted collaboration among teachers and schools, performance coaching to improve teaching and learning, continuous assessment for learning, family engagement, and extra instructional time and support to meet higher standards). Although scores did not improve in the first year of implementation, this study evaluated the goal to improve student performance in middle school that leads to increased success toward college and career readiness standards in high school.



Middle schools, Mathematics, Middle school students, College readiness, Intervention Program, Student Data, Performance Coach, Assessments, Learning, Extra instructional time