Exploring Kemetic Healing Techniques in Houston Through the Process of Self-Deification



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Kemet is another word for Ancient Egypt however, it refers to the Ancient Egypt occupied by dark skinned people. Modern day Kemetics believe the Egyptians of today are not representative of the Ancient Egyptians or Kemetics. Kemetics presume that at the height of the Egyptian civilization, 3000 to 2000 BC, the occupants were dark-skinned, and this fact has been omitted by racist scholars who attempted to rob them of their history. As a result, many people of African descent specifically, African American, desire to reclaim this history, revitalize the perceived culture of their ancestors, and adopt it as their own. Ancient Kemetic culture was believed to be very holistic in nature, having philosophies surrounding the balance of the mind, body, and spirit. For displaced peoples of African descent today, this holistic view can help them heal many of the ailments caused by displacement The use of Kemetic techniques allows them to attempt to cure a variety of problems including, physical, mental, spiritual, educational , and/or identity ailments, all using one cultural philosophy. One of the main ways that Kemetics heal by balancing their mind, body, and spirit is through the process of self-deification. The practitioner raises themselves to the status of a god, which gives them power over their lives and the ability to heal every aspect of themselves. However, their god-like abilities are limited, and many times may not be the highest authoritative force in their lives. Kemetic culture demonstrates one of the many alternative healing practices used by people of African descent today.



Kemet, alternative medicine, medical anthropology, African-American