Predictors of Early Termination from Mental Health Treatment by Vietnamese Clients at an Ethnic-Specific Clinic



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Vietnamese Americans have had a very short history in the United States. Most came as refugees from a war-torn Vietnam and encountered traumatic experiences that resulted in mental health problems. However, research has indicated that Asian Americans are underrepresented in mental health treatment. To understand this, researchers have identified numerous predictors that are associated with termination across ethnic groups. Yet, little research has focused on the association between specific Asian ethnic groups and early termination. The current study investigated the contributions of predictor variables on treatment outcome by Vietnamese clients. The participant sample included 122 Vietnamese clients who sought counseling from 2004 to 2011 at an ethnic-specific clinic. A logistic regression analysis was used to examine the association between treatment outcome (complete vs. incomplete) and independent predictor variables. Results indicated that yearly household income (OR: 1.693) was a significant predictor of treatment completion. Implications of the study were also discussed.



Vietnamese, Early Termination, Predictors, Mental health