Dispensing Nano-Pico Droplets of Ferrofluids



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Dispensing miniature volumes of a ferrofluid is of fundamental and practical importance for diverse applications ranging from biomedical devices, optics, and self-assembly of materials. Current dispensing systems are based on microfluidics flow-focusing approaches or acoustic actuation requiring complicated structures. A simple method is presented to continuously dispense the miniature droplets from a ferrofluid reservoir. Once a jet of the ferrofluid is subjected to a constrained flux through a membrane and an inhomogeneous magnetic field, the jet experiences a curvature-driven instability and transforms to a droplet. Ferrofluid droplets in the range of 0.1–1000 nl are dispensed with tunable dispensing frequencies. A model was developed, which predicts the dispensed volume of the ferrofluid droplets with an excellent agreement with the measurements.



Dispensing, Ferrofluids


Portions of this document appear in: Irajizad, Peyman, Nazanin Farokhnia, and Hadi Ghasemi. "Dispensing nano-pico droplets of ferrofluids." Applied Physics Letters 107, no. 19 (2015): 191601.