A Comparative Analysis of Resident and Faculty Responses to the Internal Gme-Administered and External ACGME-Administered Surveys at One Sponsoring Institution



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Graduate medical education residency and fellowship training programs across the United States rely upon the annual survey data that comes from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education survey to identify their impact on overall resident satisfaction, program quality, training environment, and differences in perception of these areas by core faculty in the training program. In 2006, Houston Methodist Hospital supplemented the annual ACGME resident survey with an internal GME survey. However, the ACGME did not survey faculty until 2013. The 2013-14 academic year marked the first year in which both residents and faculty in all ACGME-accredited programs at Houston Methodist participated in both surveys. The study was designed to identify variances between the resident and faculty surveys on two primary, correlational items: overall satisfaction with the program and whether the resident/faculty would refer a friend to the program, on the 2013-14 annual survey documents. The hypothesis was that variances between resident and faculty responses would be present and meaningful. In addition, the research sought to identify differences in response to survey items on the ACGME versus the GME-initiated survey. The novel data identified program-specific areas for concentration on teaching and resources to improve training in only one out of 15 programs surveyed.



Graduate students in medicine, Surveys