A Principal’s Journey: The Impact of the Tribes Process in the Development of Positive Teacher-Student Relationships



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One of the primary factors in students reaching their optimal academic and/ or social potential are the relationships they may or may not encounter during their educational career. The purpose of this study was to examine the correlation between the implementation of the Tribes Learning Communities process as it relates to developing student-teacher relationships, impacting student achievement, and student discipline. The study involved teachers and students from an urban middle school in Houston, Texas grades six through eight. Both a quantitative and qualitative research approach was used to determine the outcomes of the study. With permission from the district, research data was acquired from various forms. The study involved teachers and students completing pre and post-survey questionnaire regarding classroom activities and teacher traits. The data was then analyzed by teacher’s years of experience using the Tribes Process and then again by grade level. Students’ report card grades, assessment scores and discipline referrals were also used to determine the impact of the process. An inductive data analysis via teacher interviews was performed to determine teachers’ perceptions of the Tribes process as it relates to relationships, achievement, and discipline in their own classrooms.



Student-Teacher Relationships, Discipline, Engagement, Attentiveness, Resilience, Achievement