Is Parental Involvement a Predictor of Academic Achievement?: Administrators' Insights



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This study addresses the critical issue of parental involvement in the educational process. Educational research overwhelmingly reveals the importance of parental involvement for students. In addition, education theorists and national education goals mandated by legislators conclude that parental involvement is essential to increased student learning. The purpose of this study was to identify the beliefs of assistant principals regarding parental involvement. The results of this study will add to what is known about the views and practices of assistant principals. It additionally will provide useful information that can be distributed at professional development sessions for educational leaders as they prepare to become the future leaders of tomorrow.
This qualitative survey research used open-ended questions and responses to supplement the research findings emphasizing the need for parental involvement in the educational process. The data supports the literature in finding that parental involvement is crucial because it contributes to increased academic achievement in schools. Effective parental involvement is significant because the role of the educator is changing drastically due to government policies such as No Child Left Behind (2002). Both the literature and the survey results indicate the often unmet need for parental involvement programs on campuses. The findings in this study not only add to the literature, but they can practically inform campus administrators and school districts as a whole.



Parental involvement