Performance of Students In a Middle School Gifted and Talented Academy Program: Implications for School Leaders



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Public education reform combined with the school choice movement calls for middle school leaders to offer a competitive and differentiated educational experience that meets middle school learners at their level. While some students need on-level education, there is a large population of learners that crave and require accelerated options. This study analyzed standardized test scores and number of high school credits earned by middle school gifted and talented (GT) students. This study compared the performance of GT students that attended a GT academy program with those that attended their zoned middle school. The study found that there was little to no difference on TAKS scores for the two groups. The GT Academy students earned an average of 2.13 more high school credits than the zoned district GT students. School leaders that want to challenge gifted students should consider accelerated programs to meet the needs of advanced students.



Gifted students, Talented, Middle schools, GT Academy, Middle school students, TAKS Reading and TAKS Math, High School Credits, Acceleration, High-ability students