Experiments for the Control and Localization of Robots using Magnetic Induction



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Magnetic induction wireless communications are currently being studied as an alternative for short-range communications in underwater robotics and wireless sensor networks. We demonstrate several systems that use magnetic induction coil antennas for robot control and localization. We start with simulations that show a robot executing a controlled approach to a transmitting coil antenna. We describe the performance of our simulations when subjected to external noise. To determine the feasibility of our control and localization algorithms, we perform experiments in air and underwater. These experiments include a study on its design and implementation despite physical constraints.



Underwater Robotics, Magnetic Induction, Localization


Portions of this document appear in: Garcia, Javier, Steban Soto, Arifa Sultana, Julien Leclerc, Miao Pan, and Aaron T. Becker. "Underwater Robot Localization Using Magnetic Induction: Noise Modeling and Hardware Validation." In Global Oceans 2020: Singapore–US Gulf Coast, pp. 1-5. IEEE, 2020.