Sonatina for B-flat Trumpet and Piano by Harald Genzmer: A Stylistic Analysis



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Classical musicians in and around Germany may know the music of Harald Genzmer, yet in the United States many are unfamiliar with his vast output of high-quality compositions. Genzmer’s music is known in his home country due to his tenures at both Academies of Music in Freiburg and Munich, but his influence has failed to carve out as substantial a place in the American classical music repertoire. This document aims to aid in the accessibility of Harald Genzmer’s music through providing a biographical sketch of the composer, an analysis of his Sonatina for B-flat Trumpet and Piano (1965), a general overview of his compositional techniques, and three translations of interviews of the composer from German to English, which will allow English-speaking audiences a better understanding of his approach to composition and performance. For trumpet players, Harald Genzmer’s music is particularly intriguing. He wrote numerous pieces for the trumpet, including sonatinas, concerti, pieces for trumpet and organ, trumpet ensemble music, and many brass ensemble pieces, which use the trumpet generously. Harald Genzmer’s large output of trumpet pieces represents a body of work rooted in the German tradition that can infuse the classical trumpet playing community with a body of quality repertoire.



Genzmer, Harald, Sonatina, Sonatine, Trumpet, Hindemith, Trompete