Electroless Atomic Layer Deposition



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Thin film growth is studied by many researchers because of broad applications and significant impact on technological development in modern era. However, thin film nucleation and growth is challenging task for many materials with high surface energy and melting temperature. Such systems tend to grow 3D leading to non-uniform coverage and rough surface. This poses an issue when very thin film deposition is required with 2D morphology and full coverage of deposit is desired. In this thesis, we propose a protocol for aqueous solution based thin film deposition where deposit thickness is precisely controlled down to a monolayer. We demonstrate combination of electroless monolayer formation and Surface Limited Redox Replacement to deposit thin film selectively on Cu nanowires and polycrystalline Cu wafer irrespective of another metal and oxide surrounding. Such protocol expands a new horizon in the field of precise ultrathin film deposition.



Electroless deposition, Pt Atomic Layer Deposition