Academia Arcana: A Gamified and Game-based Review Tool



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One of the main issues faced by students in college courses is the lack of motivation towards reviewing the subject material. While there have been many advances in the fields of gamification (of educational material) and game-based learning, that may help, each of these processes are different in their implementations and goals. However, it is believed that when combined, both of these different fields can complement each other in a way that creates a more powerful learning environment.

In this thesis, a preliminary research study of how game-based learning and gamification can be effectively combined to provide an engaging tool for review that college students can use during an actual semester is shown. Specifically, this project is split into two parts.

The first is the development of a novel education tool to help and motivate college students to better review course materials by engaging them in the form of a game. The tool is designed for the Computer Organization and Programming course and will allow students to take on the role of a character in order to progress through the game. As they advance, their character will gain levels and change along with their comprehension of the material they are studying. If students cannot answer questions to prove their understanding on a particular topic, they will be stuck in that part of the game until they are able to do so.

Second is a study based on student's use of the game during regular college semesters. Based on the outcome of the study, it is seen that our tool can be used as an additional effective form of review of course materials. While it can effectually augment traditional teaching methods, it is not meant to replace them.



Gamification, Game-Based Learning, Serious Games, Games, Game Design