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    • Applications of Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM): From Particle to Biomedical Physics 

      Ramirez, Alejandro (2017)
      This project was completed with contributions from Xinran Li from Princeton University.
    • HUNTER: A Sterile Neutrino Search 

      Rose, Jacob (2017)
      Dark Matter is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in modern physics. Discovery of massive sterile neutrinos could lead to advances in modern particle physics, possible dark matter candidate. Current searches for the ...
    • SORA Payload: Stratospheric Organisms and Radiation Analyzer 

      Oliver, Steven; Morelos, Samuel; Brooks, Fre'Etta; De La Peña, Dorian; Portillo, Kevin; Walker, Andrew; Juarez, Jay; Hernandez, Diego; Cruz, Alejandra; Mroczek, Debora (2017)
      SORA’s scientific objectives are to design and build a novel system that will isolate surrounding air and sample for cells, utilize the onboard sensors to analyze exposure to solar and cosmic radiation that microorganisms ...