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    • Radiation-induced growth retardation and microstructural and metabolite abnormalities in the hippcampus 

      Rodgers, Shaefali P.; Zawaski, Janice A.; Sahnoune, Iman; Leasure, J. Leigh; Gaber, M. Waleed (Neural Plasticity, 2016-05)
      Cranial radiotherapy (CRT) increases survival in pediatric brain-tumor patients but can cause deleterious effects. This study evaluates the acute and long-term impact of CRT delivered during childhood/adolescence on the ...
    • RDA Is Here: Full Scale Implementation of RDA at UH System Libraries 

      Guajardo, Richard; Wu, Annie (2014-02-20)
      The national libraries of United States started their implementation of RDA on March 31, 2013. University of Houston Libraries decided to take action to ensure a simultaneous implementation of the new resource description ...
    • Re-Imagining the Library Website 

      Vacek, Rachel (2015-11-06)
      This is a keynote presentation that was presented to the Oklahoma Chapter of the Association of Research Libraries on looking at how academic library websites in the next few years might look, and how the research and ...
    • Reading About Diversity: Developing and Reflecting on Inclusive Instructional Resources 

      Santiago, Ariana; Hernandez, Ernesto; Godbey, Samantha; Garcia, Kenny; Davis, Lindsay (2016-08-11)
      Members of the ACRL Instruction Section Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee describe their process in collaboratively revising and developing resources to support instruction librarians working with diverse ...
    • Reading skill components and impairments in middle school struggling readers 

      Cirino, Paul T.; Romain, Melissa A.; Barth, Amy E.; Tolar, Tammy D.; Fletcher, Jack M.; Vaughn, Sharon (Reading and Writing, 2013-08)
      This study investigated how measures of decoding, fluency, and comprehension in middle school students overlap with one another, whether the pattern of overlap differs between struggling and typical readers, and the relative ...
    • Rediscover Discovery: Evaluating Web‐Scale Discovery Platforms 

      Guajardo, Richard; Wu, Annie (2013-03-19)
      In 2012, the University of Houston Libraries conducted an extensive evaluation process of the major library web-scale discovery platforms in the marketplace. The methodology included evaluation of vendor demonstrations, ...
    • Reliability and validity of oral reading fluency median and mean scores among middle grade readers when using equated texts 

      Barth, Amy E.; Stuebing, Karla K.; Fletcher, Jack M.; Cirino, Paul T.; Romain, Melissa A.; Francis, David J.; Vaughn, Sharon (Reading Psychology, 2012-02)
      We evaluated the reliability and validity of two oral reading fluency scores for 1-minute equated passages: median score and mean score. These scores were calculated from measures of reading fluency administered up to five ...
    • Remediating computational deficits at third grade: A randomized field trial 

      Fuchs, Lynn S.; Powell, Sarah R.; Hamlett, Carol L.; Fuchs, Douglas; Cirino, Paul T.; Fletcher, Jack M. (Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 2008-03)
      The major purposes of this study were to assess the efficacy of tutoring to remediate 3rd-grade computational deficits and to explore whether remediation is differentially efficacious depending on whether students experience ...
    • Remediating number combination and word problem deficits among students with mathematics difficulties: A randomized control trial 

      Fuchs, Lynn S.; Powell, Sarah R.; Seethaler, Pamela M.; Cirino, Paul T.; Fletcher, Jack M.; Fuchs, Douglas; Hamlett, Carol L.; Zumeta, Rebecca O. (Journal of Educational Psychology, 2009-08)
      The purposes of this study were to assess the efficacy of remedial tutoring for 3rd graders with mathematics difficulty, to investigate whether tutoring is differentially efficacious depending on students' math difficulty ...
    • Repeatability of Nidek MP-1 Fixation Measurements in Patients With Bilateral Central Field Loss 

      Bedell, Harold E.; Pratt, Joshua D.; Krishnan, Arunkumar; Kisilevsky, Eli; Brin, Taylor A.; González, Esther G.; Steinbach, Martin J.; Tarita-Nistor, Luminita (Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 2015-04)
      Purpose: Visual performance in patients with bilateral central field loss is related to fixation stability. This study evaluated the repeatability of visual-fixation parameters in patients with bilateral central field loss, ...
    • Report on Open Access Publishing for the Research and Scholarship Committee of the Faculty Senate with Recommendations 

      Roman, Gregg; Fox, George E.; Bronicki, Jacqueline; Thompson, Santi (2016-03-03)
      In this report, we discuss the need for the University of Houston to take an active role in managing open access (OA) publishing for the faculty and librarians.
    • Research Where You Learn: Incorporating Research and Information Literacy Modules into WebCT 

      Vacek, Rachel; Arellano, Veronica; Dasler, Robin (2009-03-27)
      Meeting students where they learn is integral to their academic success, and right now, students are learning online. The use of course management systems such as WebCT has expanded well beyond the realm of distance ...
    • Response to intervention with older students with reading difficulties 

      Vaughn, Sharon; Fletcher, Jack M.; Francis, David J.; Denton, Carolyn A.; Wanzek, Jeanne; Wexler, Jade; Cirino, Paul T.; Barth, Amy E.; Romain, Melissa A. (Learning and Individual Differences, 2008)
      Addressing the literacy needs of secondary school students involves efforts to raise the achievement levels of all students and to address specifically the needs of struggling readers. One approach to this problem is to ...
    • Responsive Web Design in Practice 

      Vacek, Rachel (Taylor & Francis, 2016-04-06)
      A Review of the book "Responsive Web Design in Practice" by Jason A. Clark.
    • Reverse Image Lookup: Assessing Digital Library Users and Reuses 

      Reilly, Michele; Thompson, Santi (2016-10-03)
      Reverse image lookup technology was used to assess the users and reuses of images from the Library of Congress’Teaching with Primary Resources digital collection. After selecting 44 images for the study, researchers used ...
    • Richer, Better and More Sustainable: Upgrading Metadata in CONTENTdm 

      Thompson, Santi; Wu, Annie (2013-08-09)
      Since 2009 the University of Houston Libraries have expanded access to the rare and special collections through the University of Houston Digital Library (UHDL). Three years and nearly 50,000 digital items later, UHDL has ...
    • Searching 2.0 

      Vacek, Rachel (Reference & User Services Association, 2010)
      The article reviews the book "Searching 2.0," by Michael P. Sauers.
    • Seeing the Library through the Terminator’s Eyes: Augmented Reality 

      Vacek, Rachel; Riley, Anita (2011-05-18)
      Augmented reality is a location-aware technology that can help libraries widen access to resources and promote services to users in exciting and innovative ways. This emerging technology superimposes layers of computer-generated ...
    • Semi-Automatic Extraction Algorithm for Images of the Ciliary Body 

      Kao, Chiu-Yen; Richdale, Kathryn; Sinnott, Loraine T.; Ernst, Lauren E.; Bailey, Melissa D. (Optometry and Vision Science, 2011-02)
      Purpose: To development and evaluate a semi-automatic algorithm for segmentation and morphological assessment of the dimensions of the ciliary muscle in Visante™ Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography images. Methods: ...
    • "Several sides to every story": Preserving KUHT's Local News Magazines 

      Vinson, Emily (2017-12-01)
      In 2016, the University of Houston Libraries received a grant to digitize and make available over 500 items from the KUHT Collection video holdings. In particular, local news magazines and documentaries produced between ...