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    • Automated Method for Reliable Detection of Corrupted fNIRS Signals 

      Wilson, Karine (2017)
      THE GOAL: To design a reliable and easily interpretable software tool to quantitatively assess the validity of experimental data collected with any fNIRS instrument.
    • BeagleBone in Space 

      Chapa, Miguel; Hajdek, Dalibor; Primm, Corey; Treviño, Irvin (2017)
      The objective of the 'BeagleBone in Space' project is to create a data acquisition device using a BeagleBone Black microcomputer that allows for the transmission of data from the EXPRESS Racks located on the ISS to Earth ...
    • Bioimaging of Flow Dynamics in BTB 

      Raghunandan, Santhanakrishnan; Alba, Kamran; Sivakumar, Ganapathy (2017)
      Gloriosa superba is a well-known source of the bioactive colchicine. It is one of the primary sources of treatment for gout and under drug development for cancer as well as cardiovascular diseases. The balloon type bubble ...
    • CaliALI 

      Hong, Mitchell; Nguyen, David; Nguyen, Paul; Prajapati, Parth; Sanford, Michael (2017)
      UC Berkley’s study found 60% of respondents reported upper extremity or neck pain attributed to computer use. The team’s goal is to create plug-and-play hardware designed to articulate automatically to a user to optimize ...
    • Firefighter Mask HUD Technology 

      Clarete, Isolde Klide; Villanueva, Jake; Silva, Adraino; Gazzaneo, Jean-Claude (2017)
    • Gloriosa superba and Colchicum autumnale Trascriptomes: Computational Mapping and Identification of Rhizome-specific Genes 

      Bass, John Samuel; Sivakumar, Ganapathy (2017)
      Gloriosa superba and Colchicum autumnale are rhizome-producing plants from the Colchicaceae family, which is known for their production of colchicine, a FDA approved gout drug that also has anticancer properties. In order ...
    • Mico Patterned Substrates for Differentiating Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Insulin Producing Cells 

      Friguglietti, Jefferson; Ngo, Michelle; Deneke, Ruth; Le, Phi; Fraga, Daniel; Merchant, Fatima (2017)
      Type 1 Diabetes is a global epidemic on the rise, effecting nearly 1.25 million Americans and rising. Currently the only therapeutic option for patients besides traditional insulin shots is transplantation of donor islet ...
    • SETS Bike Share Mobile App 

      Maldonado, Marco; Hoang, Tony; Ly, Bao; Huang, Jiao; Vu, Khan; Trinh, Lan; Aranda, Mark (2017)
      The Mobile App group was in charge of designing a Bike Share app for Android users. Using the innovative design of various pioneer bike share programs, we worked alongside the hardware, and data acquisition group to establish ...
    • SETS Location Identification and Solar Power Regarding Bicycle Share Stations at UH Campus 

      Vargas, Jesus; Palwala, Mohammad; Elizarraras, Abraham; Huynh, Tu (2017)
      "Bicycle Share at UH" focuses on creating and testing innovative integrated systems, and processes that will enable access to transmit and improve transit mobility on a unique urban campus. Houston is the 4th largest city ...
    • SETS Smart Lock - Bicycle Hardware 

      Isago, Masaki; Patterson, J.; Hoang, Tony; Nguyen, Tien (2017)
      The hardware team is tasked with creating a smart bicycle lock to be used with the bicycle share system. The main purpose of this group is to integrate a physical interface and security system into the bicycles. The system ...
    • SETS Student Discovery and Analysis Regarding Bicycle Sharing Stations at UH Campus 

      Elizarraras, Abraham; Alonso, Julio A.; Palwala, Mohammad; Isago, Masaki (2017)
      "Bicycle Share @ UH" focuses on creating and testing innovative and integrated system and process that will enable access to transmit and improve transit mobility on an unique urban campus. Customer Discover And Data Trend ...
    • Transcriptome Analysis of Colchicine Producing Plant Species: Gloriosa superba and Colchicum autumnale 

      Frenk, Annette; Sivakumar, Ganapathy (2017)
      Colchicine is an alkaloid product of plant biosynthesis which is FDA approved and commonly used to treat gout. It has also been proven to be beneficial in heart attack recovery and its antimitotic properties make it a ...
    • Wireless All-in-One Small Programmable (WASP) Data Logger 

      Elizalde, Diego; Ferrufino, Hosbaldo; Garay, Humerto; Hoffner, Jordan; Nguyen, Christian (2017)
      Data acquisition devices are used every day by engineers and scientists in nearly every industry. These devices are used for things such as research and analysis, design validation and verification, manufacturing and quality ...