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    • Building a Better Mousetrap: Developing an Easy, Functional ERM 

      Brett, Kelsey; Castro, Jeannie; Vacek, Rachel (Proceedings of the Charleston Library Conference, 2013-07-12)
      The need for various stakeholders in the library to access licensing information is critical when various departments are working with electronic resources. Managing these electronic resources can be a daunting task for ...
    • Choosing a Discovery System to Meet Diverse Needs: A Case Study 

      Brett, Kelsey (2014-06-30)
      This presentations discusses the results of an extensive evaluation process at the University of Houston Libraries to choose a discovery system.
    • Developing Best Practices for Implementing a Web-Scale Discovery System 

      Brett, Kelsey; Guajardo, Richard; Young, Frederick (2014-11-18)
      This presentation outlines best practices for discovery systems implementations based off of the experience of implementing multiple discovery systems at University of Houston.
    • Don’t Take Paws: Start a Therapy Dog Program at Your Library 

      Brett, Kelsey (2014-10-18)
      This presentation is about the formation, planning, and implmentation of a therapy dog program called 'Paws and Relax' that is held during finals every semester at University of Houston Libraries. This program was piloted ...
    • How to Build a Better Mousetrap 

      Vacek, Rachel; Brett, Kelsey; Castro, Jeannie (2012-11-10)
      The need for various stakeholders in the library to access licensing information is critical when certain departments are working with electronic resources. For example, liaison librarians receive calls from faculty wondering ...
    • How Users Conduct Research Using Discovery Systems: Results of a Usability Study 

      Brett, Kelsey (2016-04-05)
      A group of librarians at University of Houston Libraries conducted a usability study to find out how users complete common research tasks using the library’s discovery system. The methodology, results, and impacts of the ...
    • The impact of Discovery Systems on Libraries' Organizational Structures and Staffing 

      Brett, Kelsey; Young, Frederick; Guajardo, Richard (2017-04-03)
      As libraries adopt new technologies, it is important to consider how and by whom they will be managed and incorporated into existing organizational structures. This presentation will cover the preliminary results of widely ...
    • Lessons Learned: A Primo Usability Study 

      Brett, Kelsey; Turner, Cherie; Lierman, Ashley (Library & Information Technology Association (LITA), 2016-03-01)
      The University of Houston Libraries implemented Primo as the primary search option on the library website in May 2014. In May 2015, the Libraries released a redesigned interface to improve user experience with the tool. ...
    • Understanding User Behavior Through Transaction Logs 

      Brett, Kelsey; German, Elizabeth (2013-06-30)
      This presentation presents the results of a transaction log analysis project at University of Houston Libraries and the website changes that were made as a result.
    • Using the User: A User-Centered Approach to a Primo Redesign 

      Brett, Kelsey; Frederick, Young (2016-05-04)
      This presentation discussed s a Primo redesign based on a user-centered approach. We collected information about the needs and expectations of internal and external users regarding Primo through a variety of activities ...
    • Walk & Learn for Wellness: Implementing an Employee Wellness Program 

      Brett, Kelsey; Martin, Lisa (2016-04-21)
      Presented the planning and results of an employee wellness program at the University of Houston Libraries. The wellness program included a walking challenge, a lunch and learn series, and the purchase of a treadmill desk ...