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    • Table It and They Will Come 

      Vaidhyanathan, Vedana; Chan-Park, Christina (2018-07-20)
      Baylor University STEM librarians hold “office hours” in the Baylor Science Building (BSB) which houses the six science departments. We have a table and tablecloth which we set up near Starbucks where we meet with students ...
    • Tailoring the Morphology and the Spatial Acid Site Distribution of ZSM-5 Catalysts 

      Qin, Wei; Patton, Matthew D.; Rimer, Jeffrey D. (2017)
    • Taking control: Identifying motivations for migrating library digital asset management systems 

      Stein, Ayla; Thompson, Santi (The Corporation for National Research Initiatives, 2015-09-21)
      This paper analyzes and discusses results from "Identifying Motivations for DAMS Migration: A Survey," which traces institutions' motivations for migrating from one DAMS to another. Using data from the survey, the researchers ...
    • Targeted Education Increases Medication Compliance in Older Adults 

      Walzer, Christopher; Vo, Yvonne; Ellenberg, Sarah (2018-10-02)
      In older adult patients, how does an availability of educational support measures compared with a lack of educational support measures affect medication compliance in the home setting from the time of discharge until the ...
    • Targeted Inhibition of Fibroblast Activation 

      Kulkarni, Kartik (2017)
      Cardiovascular disease continues to be one of the leading causes of death in the modern world. Due to the limited regeneration capacity of the mammalian heart, very few options exist to help restore cardiac function post ...
    • Teacher characteristics, classroom instruction, and student literacy and language outcomes in bilingual kindergartners 

      Cirino, Paul T.; Pollard-Durodola, Sharolyn D.; Foorman, Barbara R.; Carlson, Coleen D.; Francis, David J. (Elementary School Journal, 2007-03)
      This study investigated the relation of teacher characteristics, including ratings of teacher quality, to classroom instructional variables and to bilingual students' literacy and oral language outcomes at the end of the ...
    • Teacher Efficacy and its Implications for Instructional Librarians 

      Santiago, Ariana (2017-03-23)
      How confident are you in teaching particular concepts, using certain pedagogical strategies, or engaging students in the classroom? Teacher efficacy – or a teacher’s beliefs in their capability to achieve desired outcomes ...
    • Teacher Training: Preparing New Librarians for Library Instruction 

      Santiago, Ariana; Warren, Mea; Creelman, Kerry (2016-10-01)
      Many new librarians face the challenge of having to teach information literacy without prior teaching experience. This presentation will share how the library instruction program at the University of Houston supports ...
    • Tears in your beer: Gender differences in coping drinking motives, depressive symptoms and drinking 

      Foster, Dawn W.; Young, Chelsie M.; Nguyen, Mai-Ly; Quist, Michelle C.; Bryan, Jennifer L.; Neighbors, Clayton (International Journal Of Mental Health And Addiction, 2014-12)
      This study evaluates associations between coping drinking motives (CDM; drinking to regulate negative affect), depressive symptoms, and drinking behavior and extends the literature by also taking into account gender ...
    • Technical Services Skills for the Future 

      German, Lisa (2016-09)
      2016 is an exciting time to work in Technical Services and more and more people are relying on us to be as effective and as efficient as possible in order to provide our user community with the scholarship they need to ...
    • Temporo-parietal brain activity as a longitudinal predictor of response to educational interventions among middle school struggling readers 

      Rezaie, Roozbeh; Simos, Panagiotis G.; Fletcher, Jack M.; Cirino, Paul T.; Vaughn, Sharon; Papanicolaou, Andrew C. (Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 2011-07)
      Spatiotemporal brain activation profiles were obtained from 27 middle school students experiencing difficulties in reading comprehension as well as word-level skills (RD) and 23 age- and IQ-matched non-reading impaired ...
    • Testing of PLK1 Signaling in Lupus 

      Torres, Carlo; Li, Yaxi (2017)
      Our goal is to identify novel therapeutic targets of Lupus and test their potential. Polo-Like Kinase 1 (PLK1) is one of the molecules that we have identified and shown to be hyper-activated in immune cells of lupus mice, ...
    • Texas Data Repository: A Year in Review 

      Thompson, Santi (2018-07-20)
      The Texas Data Repository (TDR) is a consortial data repository administered by the Texas Digital Library and using the Dataverse platform. In this lightning talk I will briefly discuss: (1) progress that the TDR steering ...
    • Texas Map Society Presentation 

      Lee, Vince (2012-10-06)
      A presentational overview of the Map Collections housed at UH Special Collections and illustrated highlights within the collection as well ongoing digitization plans and workflows.
    • The Association of Neighborhood Social Cohesion with Sleep Duration by Latino Subgroup 

      Agrawal, Pooja; Ayalew, Leilina; Guzman, Francisco J.; Ortega, Lily M.; Yanez, Jocelyn G.; Hernandez, Daphne C. (2017)
      PURPOSE: To examine the association between neighborhood social cohesion and sleep duration by Latino subgroup. CONCLUSIONS: Among Mexican/Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Central or South Americans, individuals ...
    • The Battery House 

      Kollegal, Anmol; Massa, Timothy; Ansari, Homa Naz (2017)
      After a natural disaster neighborhoods are fragmented and left in a lurch. For the victims, the foremost thing is getting back to their homes at the earliest and start re-building on their lost. The Battery House aims at ...
    • The Behavioral Consequences of Early Life Sleep Deprivation 

      Atrooz, Fatin; Liu, Hesong; Kochi, Camila; Salim, Samina (2017)
      Sleep, especially at developmental stages of early life, is essential for normal brain function and development. Sleep deprivation at early life stages (childhood and adolescence) is associated with behavioral impairment. ...
    • The Bombing of Frankfurt 1939-1945 

      Warren, Emily (2017)
      Hitler’s insatiable need to conquer all of Europe and their borders, is what led to the detrimental bombing of Frankfurt. 70% of the city was lost during World War II 30% of the country’s historic buildings were completely ...
    • The cerebellum in children with spina bifida and Chiari II malformation: Quantitative volumetrics by region 

      Juranek, Jenifer; Dennis, Maureen; Cirino, Paul T.; El-Messidi, Lyla; Fletcher, Jack M. (The Cerebellum, 2010-06)
      Few volumetric MRI studies of the entire cerebellum have been published; even less quantitative information is available in patients with hindbrain malformations, including the Chiari II malformation which is ubiquitous ...
    • The Clostridium difficile Epidemic and its Prevalence in Two New Urban, International Environments 

      Kothari, Vivan; Lozano, Mauricio (2017)
      Background: Clostridium difficile is a disruptive pathogen of global concern, particular among children, elderly, and immunosuppressed patients. While many studies have been done in United States and Europe, we looked at ...