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    • Identifying recognition opportunities: whom and what do we award in the field of Library and Information Science? 

      Richardson, Matthew (2017-06-25)
      The University of Houston Libraries created the Identifying Recognition Opportunities Committee (IROC) in order to identify available local and national opportunities and encourage UH Libraries staff to apply for and ...
    • The impact of Discovery Systems on Libraries' Organizational Structures and Staffing 

      Brett, Kelsey; Young, Frederick; Guajardo, Richard (2017-04-03)
      As libraries adopt new technologies, it is important to consider how and by whom they will be managed and incorporated into existing organizational structures. This presentation will cover the preliminary results of widely ...
    • Impact the UX of Your Website with Contextual Inquiry 

      Vacek, Rachel (2015-10-20)
      This was a virtual presentation given at the Library 2.015 Worldwide Virtual Conference on October 20, 2015.
    • Impact your Library UX with Contextual Inquiry 

      Vacek, Rachel (2015-09-26)
      A contextual inquiry is a research study that involves in-depth interviews where users walk through common tasks in the physical environment in which they typically perform them. It can be used to better understand the ...
    • Implementing Digital Preservation at the University of Houston 

      Scott, Bethany (2016)
      Developing digital preservation and access programs presents both challenges and opportunities. Challenges include selecting and implementing software and systems appropriate to the needs of the institution and advocating ...
    • Implementing Hydra at the University of Houston Libraries 

      Weidner, Andrew; Watkins, Sean (2015-09-22)
      This poster illustrates an early vision for the technology stack behind the University of Houston Libraries digital asset management systems migration from CONTENTdm to Fedora/Hydra based on the work of the Digital Asset ...
    • Implementing Open Source Systems for Digital Asset Management and Preservation 

      Weidner, Andrew; Krewer, Drew; Scott, Bethany; Watkins, Sean (2016-05-26)
      The University of Houston (UH) Libraries recently completed the comprehensive evaluation and testing of multiple systems for digital asset management and preservation. In concurrent efforts, a Digital Asset Management ...
    • Improving the Drupal User Experience 

      Vacek, Rachel; Watkins, Sean; Morris, Christina M.; Keller, Derek (Code4Lib, 2010-12-21)
      Drupal is a powerful, but complex, Web Content Management System, being adopted by many libraries. Installing Drupal typically involves adding additional modules for flexibility and increased functionality. Although ...
    • Including Students with Disabilities in Instruction & Consultations 

      Martin, Lisa (2016-10-21)
      Short web presentation on how to include students with disabilities in library instruction and consultations. Presentation focused on universal design for learning and five best practices stemming from UDL. Presented for ...
    • Intensive intervention for students with mathematics disabilities: Seven principles of effective practice 

      Fuchs, Lynn S.; Fuchs, Douglas; Powell, Sarah R.; Seethaler, Pamela M.; Cirino, Paul T.; Fletcher, Jack M. (Learning Disability Quarterly, 2008-05)
      The focus of this article is intervention for third-grade students with serious mathematics deficits at third grade. In third grade, such deficits are clearly established, and identification of mathematics disabilities ...
    • Intranet 2.0 from a Project Management Perspective 

      Vacek, Rachel; Sharpe, Paul (Taylor & Francis, 2010)
      Library intranets require flexibility and efficiency and enhance the internal communication and collaborative nature of creating and organizing the institution's information. At the University of Houston Libraries, the ...
    • iTouch and Go: Funding Innovation in the UH Libraries 

      Vacek, Rachel; Dasler, Robin (2009-10-27)
      UH Libraries trialed the use of the iPod Touch as a tool to enhance the work of librarians. This presentation outlines the successes and pitfalls of this trial and you’ll learn ways in which you can jump-start a similar ...
    • Know Your Data: Metadata Quality Control for Content Migration 

      Weidner, Andrew (2016-04-22)
      Migration of digital objects from one digital asset management system to another creates an opportunity to clean and standardize descriptive metadata through automated analysis and remediation. This presentation will discuss ...
    • KUHT: Preserving American's First Public Television Station 

      Vinson, Emily (2015-11-20)
      Broadcasting from the University of Houston, KUHT signed on the air for the first time on May 25, 1953, with the promise of providing the growing city with educational programming. Focused on preservation and access, the ...
    • Large crowding zones in peripheral vision for briefly presented stimuli 

      Tripathy, Srimant P.; Cavanagh, Patrick; Bedell, Harold E. (Journal of Vision, 2014-12)
      When a target is flanked by distractors, it becomes more difficult to identify. In the periphery, this crowding effect extends over a wide range of target-flanker separations, called the spatial extent of interaction (EoI). ...
    • Launching 

      Riley, Jenn; Weidner, Andrew (2014-10-28)
      As library publishing becomes increasingly synonymous with offering traditional journal publishing services, it’s critical that libraries also engage in experimental publishing initiatives. Recent experimental publishing ...
    • Lessons Learned: A Primo Usability Study 

      Brett, Kelsey; Turner, Cherie; Lierman, Ashley (Library & Information Technology Association (LITA), 2016-03-01)
      The University of Houston Libraries implemented Primo as the primary search option on the library website in May 2014. In May 2015, the Libraries released a redesigned interface to improve user experience with the tool. ...
    • Let’s Talk About Dates: Coming to Terms with Diverse/Divergent Practices around Dates in ETD Metadata 

      Potvin, Sarah; Thompson, Santi (2015-09-09)
      As theses and dissertations have evolved in format from shelved print resources to electronic files housed in institutional repositories, recordkeeping practices have been developed to account for the description of theses’ ...
    • Librarians Using Mobile Devices 

      Vacek, Rachel (2009-07-10)
      At the University of Houston Libraries, we wrote a microgrant for prototyping mobile services on iPod Touch devices. We looked not only at user needs and expectations, but we also looked at how librarians are using mobile ...
    • The Library Makes its Small Screen Debut: Using the iPod Touch to Trial Library Services on Mobile Devices 

      Vacek, Rachel; Arellano, Veronica; Bennett, Miranda; Coombs, Karen; Dasler, Robin (2009-03)
      This poster presentation was given at the Association of College & Research Libraries National Conference in Seattle, WA, in March 2009.