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    • Backwards in Heels: Partnering for Learner-centered Pedagogy in Online Modules 

      Lierman, Ashley (EDUCAUSE, 2015-10-28)
      This poster describes the process by which librarians at the University of Houston collaborated with one another and with teaching faculty in the English department to develop and pilot a learner-centered online learning ...
    • Basic Querying with SPARQL 

      Weidner, Andrew (2015-04-23)
      The SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language is an essential linked data technology used to create, maintain, and retrieve RDF information. This session will provide an introduction to basic SPARQL query syntax including ...
    • Batch It: A Quicker Way to Bring ETDs into the Bibliographic Utility 

      Wu, Annie; Thompson, Santi (2013-02-28)
      As the University of Houston moves toward an all-electronic thesis and dissertation submission process, the ability to provide efficient description and access to the increased volume of ETDs is more important than ever. ...
    • Bayou City DAMS: Outside the Box 

      Weidner, Andrew; Watkins, Sean; Scott, Bethany; Washington, Anne; Wu, Annie; Thompson, Santi; Richardson, Matthew (2017-01-11)
      The University of Houston (UH) Libraries made an institutional commitment in late 2015 to migrate the data for its digitized cultural heritage collections to open source systems for preservation and access: Hydra-in-a-Box, ...
    • Bottlenecks of Motion Processing during a Visual Glance: The Leaky Flask Model 

      Öğmen, Haluk; Ekiz, Onur; Huynh, Duong; Bedell, Harold E.; Tripathy, Srimant P. (PLoS ONE, 2013-12-31)
      Where do the bottlenecks for information and attention lie when our visual system processes incoming stimuli? The human visual system encodes the incoming stimulus and transfers its contents into three major memory systems ...
    • Bridge2Hyku: Developing Migration Strategies 

      Wu, Annie; Thompson, Santi (2017-12-11)
      The University of Houston (UH) Libraries, in partnership and consultation with numerous institutions, was awarded an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) National Leadership/Project Grant to support the creation ...
    • Bridging the Gap Between Print and Digital Environments 

      Vacek, Rachel; Riley, Anita (2010-11-11)
      Emerging technologies like QR Codes and Augmented Reality can help faculty, staff, and librarians extend services, promote resources, and widen access to instructional material to students in exciting and innovative ways. ...
    • Building a Better Mousetrap: Developing an Easy, Functional ERM 

      Brett, Kelsey; Castro, Jeannie; Vacek, Rachel (Proceedings of the Charleston Library Conference, 2013-07-12)
      The need for various stakeholders in the library to access licensing information is critical when various departments are working with electronic resources. Managing these electronic resources can be a daunting task for ...
    • Building a Single User Experience 

      Vacek, Rachel; McHale, Nina; Battles, Jason (2011-10-18)
      The modern library web environment consists of multiple content sources and applications that perform essential functions that often overlap and could potentially create a fractured user experience. For example, content ...
    • Building it Small: Accessible Approaches to AV Digitization 

      Vinson, Emily (2017-05-25)
      Institutions large and small face the challenge of preserving and creating access to audio and moving image collection materials. This presentation explores approaches the AV preservation community have taken to building ...
    • Card Catalog Conversion: The Revenant 

      Scott, Bethany; Vinson, Emily (2016-05-25)
      Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, libraries around the world tackled the monumental task of converting miles of card catalog to machine readable formats accessible by computer. While this immense undertaking was ...
    • Case-Control Pilot Study of Soft Contact lens Wearers with Corneal Infiltrative Events and Healthy Controls 

      Richdale, Kathryn; Lam, Dawn Y.; Wagner, Heidi; Zimmerman, Aaron B.; Kinoshita, Beth T.; Chalmers, Robin L.; Sorbara, Luigina; Szczotka-Flynn, Loretta; Govindarajulu, Usha; Mitchell, G. Lynn (Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 2016-01)
      Purpose: The purpose of this study was to assess risk factors associated with soft contact lens (SCL)-related corneal infiltrative events (CIEs). Methods: This was a single-visit, case-control study conducted at five ...
    • Cataloging in Transformation: New Trends and Future Outlook 

      Wu, Annie (2012-06)
      With rapidly changing technology, more and more libraries are building digital collections and shifting focus to online discovery environment. More and more resources are published in electronic format, which leaves libraries ...
    • Center Stage: Performing a Needs Assessment of Campus Research Centers and Institutes 

      Malone, Andrea; Martin, Lisa; Peters, Christie; Turner, Cherie; Vaughn, Porcia (2017-04)
      Outreach to research centers and institutes is often overlooked in academic libraries. This article discusses a needs assessment conducted by the Liaison Services Department at the University of Houston Libraries that ...
    • Change for Better and Reach for Higher - R2 Implementation at UH Libraries 

      Wu, Annie (2012)
      University of Houston Libraries formed a team to implement recommendations made by two external consultants called R2. This presentation covers the strategy and the process of the R2 implementation.
    • Change in visual acuity is well correlated with change in image-quality metrics for both normal and keratoconic wavefront errors 

      Ravikumar, Ayeswarya; Marsack, Jason D.; Bedell, Harold E.; Shi, Yue; Applegate, Raymond A. (Journal of Vision, 2013-11)
      We determined the degree to which change in visual acuity (VA) correlates with change in optical quality using image-quality (IQ) metrics for both normal and keratoconic wavefront errors (WFEs). VA was recorded for five ...
    • Changing Channels: Adapting an Ecosystem for Audiovisual Assets 

      Richardson, Matthew; Vinson, Emily (2017-06-24)
      The University of Houston Libraries is in the process of implementing a new digital curation ecosystem. The project, Bayou City DAMS, incorporates a combination of locally-developed and open source solutions to streamline ...
    • The changing nature of web design and user expectations, and how libraries can respond 

      Vacek, Rachel (2015-04-08)
      This was a presentation given to the Houston Area Law Librarians Annual Meeting at the South Texas College of Law in Houston, TX, on April 8, 2015.
    • Choosing a Discovery System to Meet Diverse Needs: A Case Study 

      Brett, Kelsey (2014-06-30)
      This presentations discusses the results of an extensive evaluation process at the University of Houston Libraries to choose a discovery system.
    • Cleaning up legacy metadata for ETDs: Strategies, tools and a look into the future [Poster] 

      Liu, Xiping; Duran, Albert; Washington, Anne (2016-09-27)
      Since July 2015, the University of Houston (UH) Libraries Metadata and Digitization Services (MDS) Metadata Unit in collaboration with the UH Libraries Digital Repository Services (DRS) department has been working towards ...