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  • Assistant Professor Excellence Lecture Series (APeX)

    This collection gathers talks presented as part of the annual Assistant Professor Excellence Lecture Series (APeX), sponsored and organized by the University of Houston Faculty Senate
  • College of Nursing Spring Forum

    This collection gathers research presented as part of the annual Spring Forum, a showcase of student research undertaken in the University of Houston's College of Nursing
  • English 1304: First Year Writing II

    This collection gathers student research materials generated as part of English 1304, instructed by Soyeon Lee, beginning with the Spring 2018 Oral History Project: Writing Hurricane Harvey.
  • Graduate Research and Scholarship Projects (GRaSP)

    Graduate Research and Scholarship Projects (GRaSP) Day is an annual event that showcases the rich array of groundbreaking research undertaken by University of Houston graduate students across all disciplines
  • Undergraduate Research Day Projects

    Organized by the University of Houston Office of Undergraduate Research, Undergraduate Research Day is an annual event showcasing Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) projects and other exceptional works by the ...
  • University of Houston Libraries' Digital Research Commons

    Showcasing select projects undertaken in the UH Libraries' Digital Research Commons

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Recent Submissions

  • Git a Grip: Using GitHub to Manage Your Metadata Application Profile 

    Washington, Anne (2017)
    Local Metadata Application Profiles and input guidelines are always evolving. GitHub provides a simple way to manage metadata documentation with the added benefit of versioning. This allows metadata specialists to see ...
  • Vampires vs. Witches 

    Charo, Erica; Dang, Carolyn; Redding, Quenton; Zakhireh, Isabella (2018-08-27)
    Vampires vs. Witches: a podcast created and performed by Erica Charo, Carolyn Dang, Quenton Redding, and Isabella Zakhireh.
  • Origin of the Rivalry between Vampires and Werewolves 

    Toor, Gurjinder; Sanchez-Garcia, Destiny; Feaghley, George; Rodriguez, Francisco (2018-08-27)
    Vampires vs. Werewolves: a podcast created and performed by Gurjinder Toor, Destiny Sanchez-Garcia, George Feaghley, and Francisco Rodriguez.
  • Vampires and Advertising 

    Coleman, Madison; Butler, Katie; Rachel, Maddux; Wilson, Vini (2018-08-27)
    Vampires and Advertising: a podcast created and performed by Madison Coleman, Katie Butler, Rachel Maddux, and Vini Wilson.
  • Vampires: From Bad to Good 

    Peavy, Michael; Alvarez, Anthony; Thomas, Roark; McCormack, Carter (2018-08-27)
    Vampires: From Bad to Good: a podcast created and performed by Michael Peavy, Anthony Alvarez, Thomas Roark, Carter McCormack.
  • Vampires and Sex 

    Jun, Cosmo; Hurtado, Daniel; Martinez, Ricardo; Pineda, Veronica (2018-08-27)
    Vampires and Sexuality: a podcast created and performed by Cosmo Jun, Daniel Hurtado, Ricardo Martinez, and Veronica Pineda.
  • Minds of the Vampire 

    Do, My; Martinez, Veronica; Nunley, Taylor; Rundle, Francescha (2018-08-27)
    Minds of the Vampire: a podcast created and performed by My Do, Veronica Martinez, Taylor Nunley, and Francescha Rundle.
  • Vampire Cults 

    Moser, Koy; Albert, Jack; Wilson, Jared; Nyairo, Michael (2018-08-27)
    Vampiric Cults: an experimental podcast created and performed by Michael Nyairo, Jared Wilson, Jack Albert, and Koy Moser.
  • 2018 STEM Librarians South Conference Slideshow 

    Lopez, Erica (2018-07-20)
  • STEMPunk Cafe: Supporting Scholarship as Conversation for Informal STEM Research 

    McClean, Jessica; Morganti, Dianna (2018-07-20)
    Many students have extracurricular interests they research outside of class. With the increasingly flexible rules of scholarly communication, students are becoming a part of the scholarly conversation without realizing it. ...
  • Partners and Proposal Readiness 

    O'Toole, Erin (2018-07-20)
    Subject librarians at the University of North Texas have partnered with the graduate school and teaching faculty to prepare STEM students for a major milestone in the graduate life cycle – writing the dissertation or ...
  • Supporting the Unsupportable: Assisting Anatomy & Physiology I & II Through OER 

    Brazer, Susan (2018-07-20)
    “Traditional” science courses are tricky. Classes lack library-based assignments; emphasis on course content makes teaching faculty members feel they cannot bring students to the library; and memorization can be the key ...
  • Conversations with Chemists Redux: Preliminary Results from an Interview-Based Study on the Information Needs and Habits of Chemistry Faculty 

    Flaxbart, David; Fletcher, Lydia (2018-07-20)
    In the spring of 2018 librarians at the University of Texas at Austin interviewed 15 chemistry PIs as part of a local replication of Ithaka S+R’s ongoing series of reports on how faculty in various disciplines gather, ...
  • Creating and Updating a Faculty Publications List 

    Fogg, Sonya (2018-07-20)
    A faculty publications list is an asset that highlights an institution’s productivity. Our library has progressed from assisting with the annual production of a print volume, to creating an online bibliography for each ...
  • Networking, Advocacy, and Outreach: Women in STEM at UTSA 

    Hayward, Matt (2018-07-20)
    It can be difficult to make connections with faculty, especially as a relatively new librarian. This year, for Women’s History Month, the University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries hosted a Pop Up Event to promote Women ...
  • Depositing Biology Student Posters into an Institutional Repository 

    Chan-Park, Christina; Vaidhyanathan, Vedana (2018-07-20)
    “Can I archive the poster presentations from my undergrad class?” In answer to this query from a Biology professor, Baylor University created a workflow to upload group projects into Baylor’s institutional repository ...
  • Texas Data Repository: A Year in Review 

    Thompson, Santi (2018-07-20)
    The Texas Data Repository (TDR) is a consortial data repository administered by the Texas Digital Library and using the Dataverse platform. In this lightning talk I will briefly discuss: (1) progress that the TDR steering ...
  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathies: A Neurodegenerative Disorder as a Result of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries 

    Spruiell Eldridge, Sydnee (2018-07-20)
    Concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) caused by participation in contact sports are becoming a significant public health crisis, especially considering the number of individuals in the United States who are now ...
  • How Librarians Can Positively Impact STEM Students: Active Learning Design & Video Resources 

    McGowan, Bethany; Ostrosky, Jennifer (2018-07-20)
    This presentation will show how librarians are supporting the design of active learning curricula by assisting instructors with the selection of appropriate support material and by designing appropriate pre-class and ...
  • Table It and They Will Come 

    Vaidhyanathan, Vedana; Chan-Park, Christina (2018-07-20)
    Baylor University STEM librarians hold “office hours” in the Baylor Science Building (BSB) which houses the six science departments. We have a table and tablecloth which we set up near Starbucks where we meet with students ...

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