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  • Assistant Professor Excellence Lecture Series (APeX)

    This collection gathers talks presented as part of the annual Assistant Professor Excellence Lecture Series (APeX), sponsored and organized by the University of Houston Faculty Senate
  • College of Nursing Spring Forum

    This collection gathers research presented as part of the annual Spring Forum, a showcase of student research undertaken in the University of Houston's College of Nursing
  • English 1304: First Year Writing II

    This collection gathers student research materials generated as part of English 1304, instructed by Soyeon Lee, beginning with the Spring 2018 Oral History Project: Writing Hurricane Harvey.
  • Graduate Research and Scholarship Projects (GRaSP)

    Graduate Research and Scholarship Projects (GRaSP) Day is an annual event that showcases the rich array of groundbreaking research undertaken by University of Houston graduate students across all disciplines
  • Undergraduate Research Day Projects

    Organized by the University of Houston Office of Undergraduate Research, Undergraduate Research Day is an annual event showcasing Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) projects and other exceptional works by the ...
  • University of Houston Libraries' Digital Research Commons

    Showcasing select projects undertaken in the UH Libraries' Digital Research Commons

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Recent Submissions

  • Planting Cedar: Local Authority Control in a Linked Data Ecosystem 

    Weidner, Andrew (2018-11-07)
    This is a presentation that was delivered to the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services Linked Data Users Group on November 7, 2018. The presentation provides an introduction to the University of Houston (UH) Libraries’ ...
  • The Power of Musical Play 

    Kastner, Julie Derges (2018-10-24)
    When thinking about “playing” music, many often think about listening to their favorite band or performing on an instrument. However, the term can also refer to playing with music, taking a hands-on approach to create ...
  • Early Mobility in ICU Patients Improves Outcomes 

    Lee, Rachaeya; Marediya, Shareen; Long, Sydney (2018)
    Lack of mobility for ICU patients is associated with myriad negative patient outcomes that are positively impacted by early mobility interventions.
  • Let it ROAR: Expanding University of Houston’s Open Access Services 

    Wu, Annie; Thompson, Santi; Davis-Van Atta, Taylor; Washington, Anne; Scott, Bethany; Liu, Xiping (2018-10-17)
    As part of the University of Houston (UH) Libraries’ 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, a cross-departmental implementation team was formed to expand our open access research repository services beyond electronic theses and ...
  • Bridge2Hyku: Developing Migration Strategies and Tools 

    Washington, Anne; Seeman, Dean; Crocken, Todd; Thompson, Santi; Watkins, Sean; Weidner, Andrew; Wu, Annie (2018-10-15)
    The University of Houston (UH) Libraries, in partnership and consultation with numerous institutions, was awarded an IMLS National Leadership/Project Grant (LG-70-17-0217-17) to support the creation of the Bridge2Hyku (B2H) ...
  • An Inside Job: Using Tiny Robot Swarms to Heal the Body 

    Becker, Aaron T. (2018-09-26)
    In the Disney Movie, “Big Hero 6,” the protagonist, Hiro, offers a profound view into the future by manufacturing a swarm of 100,000 microbots. Hiro controls them to self-assemble, to build structures, and to transport ...
  • A Comparison of Two Sepsis Risk Identification Methods in the ED 

    Lucas, Elizabeth; Keh, April; Hunsaker, Annie (2018-10-02)
    In the Emergency Department, is an EHR algorithm compared with clinical assessment more effective in identifying patients at risk for developing sepsis?
  • Electronic Health Record: Helping or Harming Patient-Centered Care? 

    Lappin, Leah; Mitchell, Miranda; Slater, Stacy (2018-10-02)
    How do patients perceive the quality of care and communication effectiveness while healthcare providers implement the electronic health record as a primary contributor to the plan of care during a clinical visit?
  • Targeted Education Increases Medication Compliance in Older Adults 

    Walzer, Christopher; Vo, Yvonne; Ellenberg, Sarah (2018-10-02)
    In older adult patients, how does an availability of educational support measures compared with a lack of educational support measures affect medication compliance in the home setting from the time of discharge until the ...
  • Evaluating Type Prediction with Textual Hints 

    Alipour, Mohammad Amin; Lopez-Monroy, Adrian; Gonzalez, Fabio; Solorio, Thamar; Shirani, Amirreza (2018-03)
    One of the main obstacles to program comprehension and software maintenance is the lack of information about the types of variables in a source code. In this paper, we explore the effectiveness of type inference using ...
  • Git a Grip: Using GitHub to Manage Your Metadata Application Profile 

    Washington, Anne (2017)
    Local Metadata Application Profiles and input guidelines are always evolving. GitHub provides a simple way to manage metadata documentation with the added benefit of versioning. This allows metadata specialists to see ...
  • Vampires vs. Witches 

    Charo, Erica; Dang, Carolyn; Redding, Quenton; Zakhireh, Isabella (2018-08-27)
    Vampires vs. Witches: a podcast created and performed by Erica Charo, Carolyn Dang, Quenton Redding, and Isabella Zakhireh.
  • Origin of the Rivalry between Vampires and Werewolves 

    Toor, Gurjinder; Sanchez-Garcia, Destiny; Feaghley, George; Rodriguez, Francisco (2018-08-27)
    Vampires vs. Werewolves: a podcast created and performed by Gurjinder Toor, Destiny Sanchez-Garcia, George Feaghley, and Francisco Rodriguez.
  • Vampires and Advertising 

    Coleman, Madison; Butler, Katie; Rachel, Maddux; Wilson, Vini (2018-08-27)
    Vampires and Advertising: a podcast created and performed by Madison Coleman, Katie Butler, Rachel Maddux, and Vini Wilson.
  • Vampires: From Bad to Good 

    Peavy, Michael; Alvarez, Anthony; Thomas, Roark; McCormack, Carter (2018-08-27)
    Vampires: From Bad to Good: a podcast created and performed by Michael Peavy, Anthony Alvarez, Thomas Roark, Carter McCormack.
  • Vampires and Sex 

    Jun, Cosmo; Hurtado, Daniel; Martinez, Ricardo; Pineda, Veronica (2018-08-27)
    Vampires and Sexuality: a podcast created and performed by Cosmo Jun, Daniel Hurtado, Ricardo Martinez, and Veronica Pineda.
  • Minds of the Vampire 

    Do, My; Martinez, Veronica; Nunley, Taylor; Rundle, Francescha (2018-08-27)
    Minds of the Vampire: a podcast created and performed by My Do, Veronica Martinez, Taylor Nunley, and Francescha Rundle.
  • Vampire Cults 

    Moser, Koy; Albert, Jack; Wilson, Jared; Nyairo, Michael (2018-08-27)
    Vampiric Cults: an experimental podcast created and performed by Michael Nyairo, Jared Wilson, Jack Albert, and Koy Moser.
  • 2018 STEM Librarians South Conference Slideshow 

    Lopez, Erica (2018-07-20)
  • STEMPunk Cafe: Supporting Scholarship as Conversation for Informal STEM Research 

    McClean, Jessica; Morganti, Dianna (2018-07-20)
    Many students have extracurricular interests they research outside of class. With the increasingly flexible rules of scholarly communication, students are becoming a part of the scholarly conversation without realizing it. ...

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