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    • Essays on Migration, Remittance, and Welfare 

      Khatry, Subash; 0000-0002-2412-8434 (2017-05-30)
      This dissertation is comprised of two essays. The first essay analyzes the aggregate income shocks absorbing and welfare improving roles of remittances in emerging economies. I develop a model to derive testable implications ...
    • Essays on Monetary Policy in Israel 

      Kazinnik, Sophia (2017-05-23)
      The current consensus is that central bank communication in the form of forward guidance has a profound effect on monetary policy effectiveness. Forward guidance affects private sector expectations about the future path ...
    • Two Essays on Climate Change in Developing Countries 

      Boulenger, Celine (2017-05-24)
      Developing countries are expected to be the most vulnerable to future climate change due to their reliance on agriculture, their geographic location as well as their lack of resources for mitigation and adaptation. It is ...