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    • Counting Procedural Skill and Conceptual Knowledge in Kindergarten as Predictors of Grade 1 Math Skills 

      Martin, Rebecca B. (2011-12)
      Though research has identified several possible factors that could be considered precursors of math difficulties in children, including cognitive, language, and number factors, there is not currently a consensus as to which ...
    • Number and counting skills in kindergarten as predictors of grade 1 mathematical skills 

      Martin, Rebecca B.; Cirino, Paul T.; Sharp, Carla; Barnes, Marcia A. (Learning and Individual Differences, 2014-08)
      The present study focused on the role of number skills assessed in kindergarten with regard to their ability to predict mathematical outcomes in grade 1. Number skills included those involving written symbols (symbolic ...
    • Prediction and stability of mathematics skill and difficulty 

      Martin, Rebecca B.; Cirino, Paul T.; Barnes, Marcia A.; Ewing-Cobbs, Linda; Fuchs, Lynn S.; Stuebing, Karla K.; Fletcher, Jack M. (Journal of Learning Disabilities, 2012-05)
      The present study evaluated the stability of math learning difficulties over a 2-year period and investigated several factors that might influence this stability (categorical vs. continuous change, liberal vs. conservative ...