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    • Deep in the Heart of Texas...Volcanoes. 

      Contreras, Edgar (2017)
      The Gulf of Mexico formed during a period of seafloor spreading and continental rifting during which there was a period of magmatism in central Texas, now known as the Balcones igneous province. Knippa basalt is a volcanic ...
    • Early Mars Sequence Stratigraphy and Lunar Picritic Glass Petrogenesis 

      Barker, Donald Carl 1966- (2018-05-03)
      This study in Martian and lunar planetary geology begins with the application of terrestrial sequence stratigraphy to hypothesize about the depositional conditions in an ancient Martian northern ocean. Progressive global ...
    • Lower Crust from Beneath the Arctic Ice 

      Aqil, Diana (2017)
      Three major layers compose the oceanic crust: sediment, basalt, and gabbro, a total thickness normally between 5-10 km. The deepest, least accessible, and least understood of these is gabbro, an crystalline magmatic rock ...