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    • Calibration of Effective Pressure Coefficient for the Gulf of Mexico 

      Yu, Hua (2013-05)
      Pore pressure prediction provides an important risk assessment in the oil and gas industry. It is widely used to estimate the seal integrity, reservoir pressure compartmentalization, hydrocarbon column height, and to design ...
    • Extracting Polar Anisotropy Parameters from Seismic Data 

      Lin, Rongrong 1989- (2013-04-29)
      With Vp, Vs, and density well logs, we can do isotropic AVO forward modeling, using isotropic Zoeppritz equations or its approximations, and a wavelet extracted from the seismic data, to get synthetic seismic data. Compared ...
    • Spectral Bandwidth Extension: Invention versus Harmonic Extrapolation 

      Liang, Chen 1989- (2014-05)
      There are valid and invalid post-processing methods to extend seismic bandwidth for resolution enhancement. Some methods attempt to invent high frequencies without a physical basis, while inversion-based methods extrapolate ...