Diagnostic Analysis Approach to Evaluate Production Performance and IOR/EOR Opportunities of Mature Reservoirs

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The thesis demonstrates the use of a novel screening workflow and methodology that identifies reservoir candidates for improved oil recovery/ enhanced oil recovery (IOR/EOR) methods. This novel screening workflow developed by the Energy Industry Partnership team at UH integrates static, dynamic, and operational parameters with the geological understanding, which is appropriate for a large number of reservoirs under consideration. The insights evolved from practical field experience are beneficial for recovering bypassed oil, revitalizing mature water floods through effective reservoir management, and more importantly the design and implementation of suitable EOR pilots.

Initial reservoir screening using average rock and fluid properties was followed by an advanced EOR screening method. Result from the preliminary reservoir screening was shared followed by an extensive study of the reservoir performance of two selected candidates (reservoirs: N263 and N17+128D). The study was done with the aim to analyze the production performance and identify areas of improvement.

Reservoir management, Oil recovery, Enhanced oil recovery, Reservoir screening, Waterflooding