Real-Time Management of Smart Grid Using Multi-Agent Systems



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In this thesis, we explore the following three areas: Design of a multi-agent system (MAS) and a microgrid, implementation of MAS in a microgrid, and real-time resource management in smart grid networks. This includes a detailed anatomy of the multi-agent system, a complete description of various components of the microgrid, a thorough analysis of the communication between these two independent systems and, finally two case studies to experience the usage in actual real-life conditions.

The microgrid has been simulated in a Matlab/Simulink environment with standard distribution elements. The microgrid consists of one Solar Farm as the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) with main grid feeding the residential areas during normal operation and DER during fault condition. JADE is chosen as the multi-agent system framework and the communication between the multi-agent system and the microgrid model in Simulink is established using MACSimJX, a third-party interface for protocol conversion.



Microgrid, Smartgrid, Multi-agent system (MAS), Agents