A comparison of vocabulary tests in relation to the performance of schizophrenics and normals



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In this study, a comparison of vocabulary tests in terms of the performance of schizophrenics and normals was undertaken. Thirty normal and thirty schizophrenic patients at the Houston Veterans Administration Hospital were used. The schizophrenics were divided into high and low intellectually disorganized subjects on the basis of the IMPS. As measures of recall vocabulary, the WAIS vocabulary and the Immediate Test were used. As measures of recognition vocabulary, the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT), the Shipley-Hartford vocabulary, and the Ammons Full Range Picture Vocabulary Test were used. The WAIS was used as a measure of current intellectual functioning and was administered independently of the WAIS vocabulary. The results indicated no differences between recall and recognition type vocabulary tests among the schizophrenic subjects. Intellectually disorganized schizophrenics performed less adequately than those not so disorganized on the various vocabulary tests. The vocabulary measures all appeared about equally susceptible to the inroads of intellectual disorganization. The normals and the schizophrenics showed no significant differences on either vocabulary test intercorrelations or on the correlations between the vocabulary tests and the WAIS. The Immediate Test appeared to be the most adequate vocabulary measure and to give the highest overall correlations with the WAIS, The Shipley seemed to be the poorest measure of vocabulary and the least adequate as an estimate of current intellectual functioning. The WAIS vocabulary, the PPVT, and the Ammons appeared to be generally superior to the Shipley but not as adequate as the Immediate Test.



Schizophrenics, Vocabulary tests