Application of a generalized urban model to a specific region



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The purpose of the research was to take the generalized urban model of Professor J. W. Forrester and apply it to a specific area, namely Harris County, Texas. The only variables changed were those considered to be "region dependent." The model was initilized with data from the year 1950. Statistical data for 1960 and 1970 was used for checking the validity of the model. The statistical data used was obtained from the 1950,1960, and 1970 census, along with data from various planning agencies in the county. The results revealed that the model could undoubtedly be used as a planning tool for a specific region, as the final model appeared closely tuned to the major statistical variables. The lack of variables in the model which could be directly correlated with statistical data was thought to be the reason for any fluctuations in the subvariables. Sensitivity of the model to a large number of variables was a byproduct of the research.