A study of the congruence between bilingual education program guidelines for language use, teacher language use policy, and teacher language use patterns in the classroom



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The use of the two languages of instruction in bilingual education is the basis of what is termed bilingual methodology. The research literature indicates that the bilingual teacher's pattern of language use in the classroom is governed by a set of rules based on his/her attitudes, theories and beliefs about bilingual education and the languages of instruction. These rules comprise a language use policy, which the teacher espouses and states. Actual language use in the classroom, however, may or may not be consistent with the teacher's stated language use policy. Local bilingual programs outline policies and procedures for the use of Spanish and English in instruction. In Texas public schools, the bilingual teacher is required to use Spanish or English according to the learner's level of proficiency in English for language arts and content area instruction based on general principles of bilingual methodology. The bilngual program guidelines for language use and the teacher's own language use policy also may or may not be consistent with each other. The degree of consistency between program requirements and the teacher’s policy and behavior in terms of actual language use in the classroom affects bilingual program implementation. [...]



Education, Bilingual, Teachers--Language