An investigation of black students' expectations and perceptions of a traditionally black institution: a study of the Fisk University campus environment



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The Problem. The purpose of this study was to identify and assess collective Black student expectations and perceptions of a traditionally black institution. This institutional environment research was designed to provide additional insights into the relationship between the individual and the institution from the viewpoint of those who constitute a significant role in that interaction process. In order to accomplish the purpose of this study the following specific objectives were generated and examined: (A) The expectations of the freshman class of the campus environment, (B) The individual upper-class perceptions of the campus environment, (C) The collective perceptions of combined upper-class students, (D) The comparison of the freshman class expectations with upper-class perceptions. (E) The upper-class and the national norm reference group perceptions. The importance of the investigation derives from the fact that the previous research, to a considerable degree, reflects only those environmental studies conducted at integrated institutions creating a noticeable void in the examination of traditionally black institutions and the perceptions of those students which attend them. [...]



African American universities and colleges, African American college students--Attitudes, Fisk University