Retail (Un) Reality: Future of Augmented Reality



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The purpose of this investigation is to understand what Augmented Reality is and how it brings functional additions to the existing world; in a way, very di¬fferent from virtual reality. Furthermore, it explores how AR is used with the help of various consumer devices in the Retail industry. The research explores the future of the technology and how it will facilitate the retail channel while benefitting the overall business market. Multinational companies like IKEA are already making progress in this regard by trying to enhance customer experience. They are by creating ease in the way of shopping through development of interactive mobile apps, where one can see the product prior to purchase. This is promising for products that have spatial values or are sold in groups. Although the development is slow, there is incredible promise visible which is ripe for realization; as mentioned in the Ted talk by CEO of Meta, Meron Gribetz. While it will be years before AR becomes primary driver for many segments in the retail market, eventually it will turn into an interface that customers will grow to expect. Outcome of this research involves application of this technology in a retail space.